LISD Increases Bus Driver Pay

1. Bus driver pay will increase across the board by $3.00 per hour. This change raises the minimum, midpoint, and maximum pay for drivers by $3.00 per hour. It brings LISD well within the pay range of all Region 5 schools and Texas schools of our size.
2. Bus drivers will be offered an opportunity to earn an extra $1000 per month for perfect attendance.
3. The District will offer up to a $20,000 stipend for existing employees to drive a route.
4. In addition to the stipend, each existing employee who drives a route will be paid the hourly bus driver rate.

The money to fund this compensation increase will come from the new funding the district is due to receive from TEA as part of the recent legislative session. 
The administration wishes to thank the Board of Trustees for approving this targeted compensation package as we seek to fill open positions and retain our amazing drivers.
Bus Driver Pay Increase